Does Scanova offer batch generation services i.e. generating QR Codes in bulk?

Yes. Using Scanova there are two ways to generate QR Codes in bulk:

1. Batch Generation

Batch Generation is a service that allows you to generate a large number of custom-designed static QR Codes.

Here is how you can avail the service:

1. Reach out to our sales team at or support team at with your requirements

2. Here is the data that we’ll need from you:

    1. Data in Excel/CSV Format: Here Column A is filename (of the corresponding QR Code image) and Column B onwards actual data that will go in the QR Code (URL, Contact Information, Text, etc.)
    2. QR Code Design: You can create a sample design using a 14-day Free Trial Scanova account. Let us know the registered email ID of your Scanova account and we will extract the design
    3. QR Code Size: Please specify the size of the QR Code image in pixels (e.g., 300x300 px)
    4. Image Format: Please specify the format of the QR Code image (e.g. PNG, JPG)

3. Before we execute your order, we’ll need you to make an advance payment. Given below are the packages and pricing:


Small Batch

Medium Batch

Large Batch

QR Codes (Static)

Upto 5,000




Designer QR Codes, All QR Code Formats

Designer QR Codes, All QR Code Formats

Designer QR Codes, All QR Code Formats

Pricing (One-time)




Payment Link




4. Once data is shared and payment is made, we will share a zip folder with QR Code images (as per data and specifications) within 48 hours.  

2. QR Code APIs

The other way to generate QR Codes in bulk is to use Scanova’s APIs. You can integrate Scanova’s QR Code Generation API with your own information system or mobile app and generate a QR Code anytime (based on a trigger request).

For more information on APIs, see Scanova’s QR Code APIs.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any further questions regarding batch generation or APIs, please reach out to our support team at

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