How do I edit the design of my QR Code?

When you create a QR Code using Scanova, it is saved in the Saved QR Codes tab.

To edit the design of your saved QR Code:

  1. Login to your Scanova account. If you are not a registered user, you can sign-up for a 14-day free trial
  2. Go to saved QR Codes
  3. Choose the right campaign folder created by you from the list. Note that if you have not created any new campaigns, your QR Code will be in the Default Campaign
  4. Click on the QR Code you want to edit
  5. Click on Design & Download button on the top right corner
  6. If you have previously chosen a design, you will be directed to the Customize design page. If you are designing for the first time, you will have a choice of three design options - Standard Black & White, Fancy with Custom Logo, and Fancy with Custom Background. For the latter case, click on Customize under the column of your choice.
  7. Edit design and click on the Update button.
  8. You can now Download your QR Code with the new design.
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