My QR Code is not scanning. What went wrong?

If you created a QR Code but the QR Code scanning application on your smartphone is not detecting it, then it could be because of the following reasons:

  1. Size of the QR Code: The QR Code could be too small for the phone camera to identify the unit modules. Check the minimum size of the QR Code using this formula
  2. Scanning Distance: Make sure the QR Code fits into the screen of the QR Code scanning application when you trying to scan the QR Code.
  3. Custom Design: If you custom-designed your QR Code then that could have affected the scannability. Try the following to increase scannability:
  • Decrease the size of the logo
  • Increase the error correction
  • Increase the contrast between the color of the QR Code and the background. This means lighten the background and darken the QR Code colors (eye and data)

If your QR Code is still not scannable, you can email the image to and our team will personally help you resolve the issue. 

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