What content can I show using a QR Code?

Depending on the content you choose, you can create 23 types of QR Codes using Scanova to show the following content:

1. Website or URL

2. Simple text or promo code or serial code

3. Facebook page or profile

4. LinkedIn profile or company page

5. Simple Vcard (Contact information)

 6. Social Media links

7. Vcard Profile

8. Coupon

9. Formatted text (on a mobile landing page)

10. PDF Document (hosted on Scanova)

11. Image (hosted on Scanova)

12. Audio file

13. Wifi credentials

14. Google Maps location

15. App Store links (all-in-one)

16. Youtube video

17. Contact number


18. Calendar event

19. Tweet

20. Email Address

21. Text message

22. Bitcoin address

23. Paypal payment


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