How do I generate a large number of QR Codes?

Depending on your application, you can generate QR Codes in bulk in two ways:

1. Bulk Generation Service

If you provide the following information, the QR Codes will be delivered in a zip folder usually within 24-48 hours:

  • Data: You can specify the data in a spreadsheet with two columns – QR Code Name, QR Code Content. Note that the QR Code can have content such as a URL, text, contact details, map coordinates, etc.
  • Design: You can specify the design of the QR Code. Each QR Code will have this design. You can design your QR Code using the 14-day free trial of Scanova
  • Custom Specifications: In addition to data and design, you also need to provide details such as QR Code size, error correction value, and image format (PNG, JPG, EPS, SVG, PS, PDF)

For more information, see: Bulk generation of QR Codes

2. Integrated QR Code Generation API

If you want to generate QR Codes in large numbers but only after an action is triggered, then you need to integrate a QR Code generation API with your information system.

For example, a QR Code on a rail ticket is generated only when the ticket is generated. This how the system works:

  • The ticketing information system is integrated with a QR Code Generation API
  • Whenever a ticket is purchased, the ticketing system requests the API to generate a QR Code. With this request, the system sends the API relevant information (QR Code content, specifications, design, etc.)
  • The API responds by returning an image of the QR Code to the ticketing system
  • This QR Code is copied on the designated space on the ticket print-out

QR Code Generation APIs can be used in ticketing, mobile payments, billing, social media apps (WeChat, Viber, etc.), and identification (Whatsapp, membership cards, conference badges, etc.).

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    Guylaine Vachon

    hello i need some help. Need to create a large list of QR code in.eps format. It is indicating that you can do it but i can find where to clic to send my request

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