How do I show a PDF when people scan my QR Code?

To share a PDF file via a  QR Code, you must first generate a PDF QR Code.

Follow these simple steps to create PDF QR Codes using Scanova:

    • Login to your account on Scanova. If you are a new user, you can sign up here
    • Click on the PDF option listed under the Recommended category
    • On the page that opens, click on Upload File and upload your PDF file
    • Once the file is uploaded, click on Create QR Code
    • A Save QR Code window will open
    • Choose a Campaign folder to save your QR Code. If you don’t have any Campaigns, click on New Campaign to create one.
    • Give your QR Code a Name
    • You will also see options to Customize URL Hash and Password-Protect your QR Codes. You can skip these options if you are not an advanced user
    • Proceed to click on Save to generate your QR Code
    • Your QR Code will be generated and you will get three design options to choose from - Standard, Custom Logo Design, and Custom Background Design
    • You can either design and customise your QR Codes or directly download any one of the three options

Note : Always test your QR Code before downloading the final image.

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